Monday, January 12, 2009

The Logical Song

In my mind, this song is realistic. The general progression of the song from joy to a sense of loss of individuality is a natural and necessary one.

In the beginning of the song, the songwriter uses nostalgia to create this picture of a perfect world. However, as previously discussed, this idea of a perfect childhood is obviously false. Then the songwriter is "sent away" to learn about the world. But even after, or possibly because of, all of this learning, the songwriter loses his sense of self. He asks the question "please tell me who I am", as if to say, "I have no idea what I'm doing here." 

Is it not true that we all allow others to define our own individual beings? How much of our perception of self is dependent upon the views of others? We love being told that we look nice or that we are smart or that we are caring. We even let others tell us our own faults. So how do we define a true sense of self? I do not exactly know. But I do know that it must start with a definition of a Creator or Power that made us. This Creator must have defined each individual, otherwise we would all be the same. Therefore, in discovering more about the Creator, we can discover more about ourselves. We must also spend time meditating on the interests and beliefs that are unique to us. 

This explains perhaps why this is a natural struggle, this search for self. But why is this necessary? Why must we eventually define ourselves as individuals? We must do so because otherwise the world and society will be given the task of defining us. We could then end up, as the song says,  as "a vegetable." We must know ourselves in a deep way in order to prevent becoming another of society's unimportant pawns. 

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