Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Screwtape Letters

The Screwtape Letters present an interesting idea. How do demons and devils approach us? How do they tempt us? This letter describes a very effective strategy of allowing the "patient" to at ease with the sins he is committing. 

We, as these patients, must acknowledge this dangerous tactic. How can we avoid being led to believe that we are following God's will when we are actually doing nothing? We must not allow ourselves onto that "safest road to Hell" but instead, we should continue to stay away from the small temptations that could be dangerous.

What small temptations do I fall into? I've realized that I slowly start to rationalize behaviors. I may not actually participate in them, but I have begun to see them as things that "anyone could do." Why does this matter? There is a definite right and wrong. Sometimes, we can't see the a clear-cut answer, but I think that we have to at least try. If a behavior is wrong, then it is wrong for everyone. This is difficult, but I think that it is true. When I begin to rationalize, what I am really saying is that even though it might be wrong for others, somehow it is okay for me to do.


  1. What are your tactics to defend yourself from the enemy?
    Any good ones?

  2. Lewis knew himself very well to be able to write as he did...

  3. To the first comment, I would have to say that the best way to defend myself is to be in the Word of God. The Bible gives us commandments to live by. In this way, we come to realize what is wrong and what is right. The second way to avoid falling into temptation must be prayer. We should pray daily for help in resisting the Devil and his schemes.

    Do I actually do these things? I must admit that I do not, at least not all the time. I try, though. We should all make an effort at the very least. But I could do much better.